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ASTM D4629, ASTM D5176, ASTM D5453, ASTM D5762, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, ASTM D7359, DIN 38409, EN ISO 20846, ENV 12260, UOP 936, UOP 971, EN 15486, ASTM D7551, ASTM D7184

Antek’s MultiTek is the leading instrument on the market that combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen, and halides all in one. Compact, powerful, automated, and multi-configurable, its the perfect solution to todays increasing demand worldwide for fast, accurate detection and analysis of unwanted chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, and corrosive elements. MultiTek detects these substances through a uniquely efficient process that includes combustion Ion Chromatography (IC), Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF), and Chemiluminescence technologies.

MultiTek is superior to wet chemistry and XRF; works with solid, liquid, gas, and LPG samples; and provides lower detection levels than competitive systems. MultiTek is the enabling technology for continual product and process improvement and green manufacturing goals.

MultiTek includes the following benefits:

  • Application Specific Configuration Provides Excellent Precision and High Quality Data
  • Increased Lab Productivity through Reduced User Intervention
  • High Performance for Versatility and Quick Analysis
  • Proven Compliance for Multiple Industries



Sulfur, Nitrogen, Halides, Nitrogen & Sulfur, Nitrogen & Halides, Sulfur & Halides, Nitrogen & Sulfur & Halides