ViscoPro 2100 Firmware Gives Realtime Rheological Data

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In order to meet the growing market demand for real-time rheological data, PAC has launched the latest version of the ViscoPro firmware with Multipoint Shear-Sweep Functionality.

The previous version of the ViscoPro firmware used PAC’s oscillating piston technology to provide real-time shear rates at the point of the viscosity measurement. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, this latest version of firmware now includes a routine that allows users to cycle through a series of shear rates at a selectable interval to provide on-line, multi-point shear curves. Non-Newtonian fluids comprise an increasing share of materials produced for and by the petrochemical industry. ViscoPro is calibrated with multiple setups using Newtonian fluids, but there is a variation in each setup with the power driving the piston and the stroke length (the distance it travels). Because all the other determining factors are fixed, we can calculate the shear rate at the corresponding viscosities to produce the shear curve data.

The technology has been successful differentiating a series of non-Newtonian polymer concentrations at various shear rates to complete shear curve profiles for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) fluids. Customer provided data shows a strong correlation to data obtained by a Bohlin rheometer in the range of 127-1000 sec-1. “We are excited about this new addition to our process analytics portfolio. Based on customer feedback, we have significantly improved our ViscoPro platform to serve a variety of customers and applications for years to come”, said Patrick Riley, Director of Cambridge Viscosity.