AC 8634 – Boiling Point Distribution

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ASTM D2887, EN ISO 3924, IP 406, GOST 2177

To assist refiners in determining D86 boiling range data AC Analytical Controls developed the AC 8634 application. Gas chromatography and thermodynamics are the basis of the 8634 analyzer. The system is developed for samples within ASTM D86 groups 3 and 4. The application resides on an Agilent Technologies 7890 gas chromatograph, configured with a AC proprietary temperature programmable inlet (TPI) and flame ionization detector (FID).

The AC 8634 application uses a fast SIMDIS method to report volume% data conform D86 and true boiling point distribution of jet fuel and diesel in 6 8 minutes. With a productivity of 4 samples per hour it doubles output of most physical distillation set ups. The AC 8634 software uses a correlation technique to convert SIMDIS data into D86 data. This correlation is ASTM D2887-06a proposed annex 6.

Simulated Distillation, Atmospheric Distillation