These instructional videos will help you understand the physical principle used in our instruments, teach you best practices and show you the latest features on our different analyzers. You can also visit our YouTube Channel.
OptiPMD: Micro-Distillation Analyzer
OptiFuel: FTIR Fuel Analyzer
OptiMPP: New Mini Cloud & Pour Point Analyzer
Opti FPP: Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer
OptiFZP: Freeze Point Analyzer
CID 510: Cetane Ignition Delay
OptiFlash Series
SIMDIS Software
NSure Nitrogen Sulfur Analyzer
ViscoSure: In-line Viscosity – Interview with Alex Lau
VIDA: Automated Density Meter
JFTOT IV: Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester
How to Set Up a Test with JFTOT IV
How to Operate NCK2 5G Analyzer
How to Clean a CVI Process Viscometer
How to Clean VISCOlab PVT High-Pressure Viscometer
Verifying Viscosity on VISCOlab PVT High Pressure Viscometer
Measuring Viscosity with In-Line and In-Tank Process Viscometers
Learn how to use the IRIS Software