APTECH analytical instruments can be utilized in almost every area in the plant to help refineries ensure end product meet specifications and achieve profitability goals.

Cloud Point: in petroleum products and biodiesel fuels, the temperature of a liquid specimen when the smallest observable cluster of hydrocarbon crystals first occurs upon cooling under prescribed conditions.

Pour Point: in petroleum products, the lowest temperature at which movement of the test specimen is observed under the prescribed conditions of the test.

Freeze Point: the aviation fuel temperature at which solid hydrocarbon crystals, formed on cooling, disappear when the temperature of the fuel is allowed to rise under specified conditions of test.

Accurate online micro distillation analysis helps refineries optimize the cut point products in the distillation units so you can optimize your run rates and keep your process operating at peak efficiency.
PAC offers innovative Elemental Analysis solutions to confidently measure the quantitative composition of specific elements in a wide range of compounds including fuels, petrochemicals, water, foods, pharmaceuticals and other products.
In-line viscosity analyzers deliver fast and reliable measurements to allow for precise and continuous adjustment of the process, while maintaining a high correlation to laboratory quality control results.