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PAC analytical instruments use multiple technologies including spectroscopy to detect properties including thermal stability and viscosity, advancing the delivery of gasoline, cosmetics, plastics, and other petrochemical products.


The SA-500P is an in-line probe oil in water analyzer suitable for non-hazardous areas; it

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The SA-500 is a side-stream Oil in Water analyser suitable for non-hazardous areas; it uses

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The EX-500P is an in-line probe oil in water analyzer that uses Deep UV Fluorescence

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The EX-500 is a side stream oil in water analyzer that uses fluorescence to provide

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The PD-1000 is an incredibly powerful Oil in Water analyser, that can conveniently measure crude

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PetroSpecs portable QuickSpec analyzer delivers simple, fast, and accurate analysis of ethanol and water in

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ViscoLab PVT

For oil, gas, and supercritical fluids, the ViscoLab PVT delivers accurate, fast, and reliable viscosity

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ViscoLab 3000

The ViscoLab 3000 laboratory viscometer is the ideal choice for measurement when viscosity testing requires

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Antek’s MultiTek is the leading instrument on the market that combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen,

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PAC’s Alcor VTR-100 (Visual Tube Rater) is used to manually rate heater tube deposits formed

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