The story of PAC is one of synergy — of a group of long-established scientific companies with complementary technologies and philosophies coming together to create a powerful, innovative company that leads the industry in laboratory and process analytical solutions and advanced techniques.

PAC’s history begins with the origins of its individual well-known and long-established leading brands, including AC Analytical Controls, Alcor, Antek, Cambridge Viscosity, ISL, PetroSpec, Phase Technology, PSPI and Walter Herzog. The original companies were founded in


However, more important than the founding dates of the individual members of the PAC team, is the successful and innovative companies that each evolved into and their roles today since becoming part of PAC.

PAC’s story begins to truly gather momentum just before 2000, when ISL joined with Varlen Instruments to become part of PAC. Varlen Instruments dissolved and those subsidiaries, now part of PAC, included PSPI, Herzog, Alcor, and PetroSpec, which had all been acquired by Varlen during the 1980s and 1990s. Antek joined PAC in 2000 and AC Analytical Controls joined in 2006.

With the most recent acquisition of Phase Technology, PAC has expanded its product portfolio to include more cold properties solutions.

Each product line has a long history of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation with decades of field experience, which has helped make PAC the global leader in the analytical instrumentation industry.