Certified Reference Materials

Even though automated testing equipment greatly improves testing efficiency and flexibility, it also presents the risk of overlooked testing bias.

With instrument performance left unchecked, measurement bias can falsely present product as meeting specification when, in truth, it fails established quality standards. Such a situation not only places customers safety at risk, but also jeopardizes your own company’s reputation. By routinely verifying your instrument’s performance, you’ll ensure consistent quality that meets expected performance demands.

Depending upon your weekly sample load and your instrument’s test characteristics (i.e. test duration, sample volume, system stability, etc.), some tests may easily and cost-effectively benefit from higher frequency verification while others require checking less often. Your best line of defense against test bias is a consistent verification program. We suggest implementing this step within a standard quality control procedure. Exporting reference data to a LIMS will further enable statistical process control (SPC) — a powerful tool for measuring laboratory performance.

ApplicationAppr. Certified ValueTest MethodDescriptionPart Number
Flash Point+45°CABEL – ISO 13736Kerosene, 255 ml01000-170-51
+45°CTAG – ASTM D56Kerosene, 255 ml01000-256-51
+220°CCOC – ASTM D92, ISO 2592Base Oil I, 255 ml01000-292-51
+65°CPM – ASTM D93 A, ISO 2719 ADiesel Fuel, 255ml01000-329-51
+100°CPM – ASTM D93 B, ISO 2719 B255ml01000-329-52
+210°CPM – ASTM D93 A, ISO 2719 A255ml01000-329-53
CFPP-17°CASTM D6371, EN 116Diesel Fuel, 255ml01000-309-51
-25°CASTM D6371, EN 116Diesel Fuel, 255ml01000-309-52
Distillation170 to 370°CASTM D86; ISO 3405Diesel Fuel, 255 ml1310-010-010301
Cloud Point-5°CASTM D2500, ISO 3015255ml01000-815-51
Pour Point-15°CASTM D97, ISO 3016255ml01000-852-51
-25°CASTM D97, ISO 3016255ml01000-852-52
Freezing Point-50°CASTM D2386, ISO 3013255ml01000-860-51
Viscosity2.9 mm²/s @40°C; 1.2 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S3, 500 ml01000-445-01
6 mm²/s @40°C; 1.8 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S6, 500 ml01000-445-02
18 mm²/s @40°C; 3.8 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S20, 500 ml01000-445-03
54 mm²/s @40°C; 8 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S60, 500 ml01000-445-04
180 mm²/s @40°C; 18 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S200, 500 ml01000-445-05
520 mm²/s @40°C; 37 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S600, 500 ml01000-445-06
1700 mm²/s @40°C; 90 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S2000, 500 ml01000-445-07
7000 mm²/s @40°C; 250 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S8000, 500 ml01000-445-08
100 mm²/s @40°C; 12 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104N100, 500 ml01000-445-09
23000 mm²/s @40°C; 700 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104S30000, 500 ml01000-445-10
3.9 mm²/s @40°C; 1.4 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104D5, 500 ml01000-445-11
8 mm²/s @40°C; 2.2 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104D10, 500 ml01000-445-12
32 mm²/s @40°C; 5.5 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104N35, 500 ml01000-445-13
220 mm²/s @40°C; 20 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104D500, 500 ml01000-445-15
420 mm²/s @40°C; 32 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104D1000, 500 ml01000-445-16
2000 mm²/s @40°C; 100 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104D5000, 500 ml01000-445-17
3400 mm²/s @40°C; 120 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104N4000, 500 ml01000-445-18
320 mm²/s @40°C; 26 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104N350, 500 ml01000-445-19
1000 mm²/s @40°C; 60 mm²/s @ 100°CASTM D445, ISO 3104N1000, 500 ml01000-445-20
5mm2/s @ -20°CASTM D445, ISO 3104Kerosene, 500 ml01000-445-51
Cetane NumberCalibration MaterialASTM D766840% Hexadecane / 60%Heptamethylnonane, 300 mL1330-110-000101
Verification MaterialASTM D7668Methylcyclohexane, cleaned, 1000 mL1330-110-000103
52 DCNASTM D7668Diesel Fuel, 1000 ml1330-110-000109
58 DCNASTM D7668Diesel Fuel, 1000 ml1330-110-000111
Evaporation LossRL223ASTM D5800, CEC L-40RL223, 1000 ml1310-100-030101