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ASTM D1160, GOST 11011

The HDV 632 is a fully automated Vacuum Distillation Analyzer, which offers highest flexibility for the user. It can measure samples up to 650C AET. Choose ASTM D1160 or define and save your own custom programs. Naturally, you can add, delete, and revise custom tests as your products and test needs evolve. The HDV 632 controls temperature, distillation rate, and pressure with microprocessor precision. Volume measurements are made with digital accuracy, and test program selection is a simple “point and click” operation. Choose from an extensive library of built-in programs or your own predefined tests.

The HDV 632 incorporates everything needed for fully automated distillation testing, yet uses only 0.33 square meters (3.25 sq. ft.) of bench space. In fact, it even features built-in refrigeration systems one for the cold trap plus a heater/cooler for the condenser bath there is no need to run hoses to an external water supply or chiller system.