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Pour Point: ASTM D5949
ASTM D97 (IP 15 / ISO 3016) equivalent or better
Cloud Point: ASTM D5773 (IP 446)
ASTM D2500 (IP 219 / ISO 3015) equivalent
Freeze Point: ASTM D5972 (IP 435)
ASTM D2386 (IP 16 / ISO 3013) equivalent
DEF STAN 91-091

The PSA-70Xi Cloud, Pour and Freeze Point is the world’s only analyzer that performs pour, cloud and freeze point in one unit. Combining functions saves money and valuable bench space in the lab, while optimizing workflow.

The 70Xi is available in single shot or with a 48-station autosampler, which allows unattended testing.Users can initiate 1 to 48 runs in a row, then walk away and let the analyzer do the rest.

Available configurations include:

  • PSA-70Xi Pour, Cloud & Freeze Point
  • PPA-70Xi Pour Point
  • CPA-70Xi Cloud Point
  • FPA-70Xi Freeze Point
  • PCA-70Xi Pour & Cloud Point
  • PFA-70Xi Pour & Freeze Point
  • FCA-70Xi Freeze & Cloud Point
  • GPA-70Xi Single function specialty analyzer for gel, titer, antifreeze, or solid point