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ASTM D2163, ASTM D2504, ASTM D2505, ASTM D2712, ASTM D5303, ASTM D6667, EN ISO 7941, IP 405, ISO 6974, ISO 7941, UOP 936, UOP 971, EN 15984, ASTM D7551, ASTM D1946, UOP 539, GPA 2261, GPA 2286

The ACCURA sampling device is designed for fully automated analysis of gaseous and pressurized liquid hydrocarbon streams for MultiTek and Gas Chromatography applications. It provides these key benefits through:

  • Highest accuracy and precision through uncompromised sample integrity
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Can be used for MultiTek and GC, gas and liquids
  • Repeated injections in one run (MultiTek only)


When analyzing Liquid Pressurized Gases (LPG) with Gas Chromatography or Elemental Analysis, the most challenging task is to maintain sample integrity. Uncontrolled expansion of pressurized or liquefied gases often leads to discrimination: the perceived sample composition changes.

Accura is a temperature and pressure controlled vaporizing injection device that respects sample integrity completely. The resulting data are more accurate and precise, which translates in a narrower product specification and better refining profit.

LPG and hydrocarbon gases are extremely flammable and therefore need to be handled with great care. Accura identifies when sample lines are depressurized after analysis, signaling the sample bomb can be disconnected safely.


Sulfur, Nitrogen, Nitrogen & Sulfur, Nitrogen & Halides, Sulfur & Halides, Nitrogen & Sulfur & Halides, Applicated GC Gas Analysis, Natural Gas Analysis, Refinery Gas Analysis, Sulfur Trace Analysis, Customized Analysis.